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State Large Ensemble at Paseo Academy

What is an ensemble? An ensemble is a group of musicians, actors, or

dancers who perform together. They are viewed as a whole rather than an individual. Tonight at 5 o’clock, the band students will dress in their formal wear and then will load the bus to attend the State Large Ensemble at Paseo Academy. This will be the first competition of the season. All the Band directors will be there, Mr. Johnson, Mrs. Orme, and Mrs. Shaeffer.

“We will be one of the largest ensembles at Paseo, the whole band is going to bring it’s best and give it all we got to make it,” said Freshman Raegan Highley.


Freshman Cierra Spotz said, ”I’m excited to go to Paseo Academy because the band has worked so had and I think we all deserve it.”


Despite the competition aspect of the event, Junior Landen Laizure said he’s not worried.

”Nerves have never been a big thing, for me so I’m not nervous at all,” Laizure said. “I feel like if we do well then our hard work will have paid off and if we don’t get the rating we want then it shouldn’t reflect on us all as musicians.”

Laizure continued to say ”Since judging music is completely subjective, a score we get at competition doesn’t mean we are good or bad. How we play and how well we follow the music  determines how good or bad we are as an ensemble.”