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Prom 2019

For many high school students, prom is a big event that they look forward to.  A night full of fun and dancing, juniors and seniors enjoy their time with their dates as they hang out and make memories that will last a lifetime.  

Prom will take place on April 13 at the Beck Event Center on the Square in Harrisonville.  This is the second year it has been held in this space.

Senior Brecken Nickel attended prom his sophomore and junior years, and he is excited for this year as well.

“I’m pumped for the atmosphere with my friends and the chance to have a memorable night of my senior year,” said Nickel.  

In addition to just attending prom, students can get more involved if they wish.  The prom committee is led by teacher Lauren Skwiot, and seniors are encouraged to join the committee and help plan the fun-filled evening.

“I want prom to be an event for students by students,” Skwiot said.  “Students know their peers best and can do the best job making the event relevant and enjoyable.”

This year, there will also be a school assembly on Friday, Apr. 12, for prom and the prom court.  The boy candidates are Christian Cooper, Sam East, Jayme Gray, Eric Schrock, and Jaydn Wilson. The girl candidates are Madison Barnes, Briana Chiodini, Autumn Eason, Arijana Owens-Gonzales, and Trinity Register.  Prom King and Queen will be announced on the evening of Prom.