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10 Things to Bring in Your Pocket/Purse to Prom

With Prom fast approaching, be sure to be prepared when the night arrives by making sure you have all that you need tucked in your bag.


  • Hair Ties/ Bobby Pins


When you’re dancing the night away, you won’t want to worry about having a hair malfunction. Bringing hair ties and bobby pins will help ensure that your hair will be looking good all night long.


  • Tissues


Whether you’re feeling emotional or that you simply have a cold, having tissues with you could always be handy on Prom night.


  • Chapstick


Wearing chapstick or carrying it with you will make sure that you have smooth lips, which your date may thank you for.


  • Mints or Gum


Again, your date probably isn’t a fan of bad breath. Be sure to be prepared with mints and gum to cure any halitosis you or anyone else may have.


  • A Granola Bar or a Light Snack


Even though there are typically snacks served at Prom, you may thank yourself later by having a snack you’re guaranteed to enjoy in your purse/pocket.


  • Cash


Even if you don’t think you’ll need money, having some cash with you is always a good idea. If you plan to go to dinner before Prom, having at least 15-20 dollars with you is a must.


  • Band-Aids


Whether you need a bandaid for an injury or to put on the back of your ankles because your shoes are hurting your feet, band-aids are an easy solution.


  • Portable Charger


If you plan to use your phone a lot during the evening, bringing a portable charger will be a great blessing!


  • Feminine Products and/or Protection


Enough said.


  • Personal Identification


Having your student ID is required in order to get into Prom. Be sure to bring it!