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New coach for HHS boys’ tennis

The HHS boys’ tennis season has officially begun for the team last week with meets in Belton, Knob Noster, and Warrensburg, Missouri. With a successful win of 7-2 at the Knob Noster Meet, the team not only had to welcome the start of a new season, but they also had to welcome a new coach.

Last year, Michael Draper was the boys’ coach, but he left his position Luckily Current Coach Myron Deiner took the position. Deiner was hired by Hesston College in 2013 to coach boys and girls tennis, giving him experience in the coaching field.

Senior Ayllip Khieu feels that the coach wants the team to have success during this season.

“Of course he [Deiner] wants us to be successful. We don’t like to lose; it feels like a normal human thing that everyone wants to win and better themselves,” Khieu said.

Sophomore Nathanael DeVenney has been playing tennis for two years now. He will have had Coach Draper for one year, as well as had Coach Deiner for one year.

“We’ve learned some new stuff and we’ve integrated it into our games, such as footwork. We’ve worked on how to hold our racquet and good positions to hold it when you’re trying to hit stuff. That’s actually helped a lot, too,” DeVenney said.