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Girls Soccer vs Lincoln College Prep: Preview

On April 4th, the HHS girls soccer team is playing at Smithville High School, against Lincoln College Prep. The girls have been working very hard, and they have so far accomplished a 3-1 record.

The girls have been practicing super hard and preparing themselves for their season.

¨I think the season will go good because everyone is working their hardest on our field and showing that even though we have a young team, we can always strive to win,¨ said Madison Costner, freshman.

The girls have been having multiple games every week since their first.

Maria Cesonis, Freshman, said, ¨Playing so many games makes me very sore, but in the end, it is mind over matter.¨

Although the team is performing well now, the girls want to continue to grow as a team throughout the season.

¨We can improve by getting to know each other better. If we get to know each other better, I think we would be more connected and stronger as a team,¨ Costner said.