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If You Had a Magic Wand and Could Change One Thing About HHS, What Would It Be?

At HHS, both students and teachers alike have an opinion on things they wish they could change about our school. Whether it be a change in the school’s food served in the cafeteria or starting school two hours later, students wish for adjustments to be made. So when students were asked what they would do if they had a “magic wand” and could change one thing about the school, the responses were interesting.

Freshman Greta Maxwell tells of how she wishes for more sunshine in the school.

“I would add a glass ceiling,” Maxwell said. “That way you can always see the sunshine and always know what’s outside that way you don’t get depressed when you’re inside the school.”

While Maxwell wishes for a change in scenery, Teacher Emily Terwilliger wishes for a change in the students’ and teachers’ attitudes.

“I would get rid of apathy around here just because I feel like high school is that first stepping stone into your adult life. It feels like we’re trying to torture and torment you, but we’re actually just helping you set norms and boundaries to lead you into success later in life. Having kids really care about what’s going on around would be awesome,” Terwilliger said.

Officer Jeremiah Jacobs, the Student Resource Officer at HHS, also wishes for students to make good choices.

“If I had a magic wand I would make it to where kids wouldn’t drink alcohol or do drugs because in the end, it ruins a lot of people’s lives,” Jacobs said.

While Officer Jacobs wishes for students’ to not drink as well as to be drug-free, Freshman Isaiah Bliss would wish to add a new feature to HHS.

“I would change our school into basically Sonic but it would still kind of be like school. But then all of the teachers would give out free Sonic drinks and tater tots if you get A’s on your papers,” Bliss said.

Where’s a magic wand when you need one?