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Girl’s Soccer

Now that the spring sports season has come, girl’s soccer is in full swing.  On March 13, the varsity team had their first couple of unofficial games in Belton playing against three other teams.  The scores for all of the games were 0-0. These games, called the Jamboree, are not actually counted in the scoring of the season; they are seen as practice games.

“The Jamboree gave us the opportunity to get out on the field and put the things we have been working on into practice.  It’s always nice to see where we are compared to other teams,” said Brecken Moreland, senior and four- year varsity player.

In addition to working on the team’s skills, the Jamboree also gives the girls a chance to get to know each other.

“Playing together helps us come together as a team and make relationships,” Junior Jayden Osborn said.  “Those relationships are huge when it comes to playing together on the field.”

The girl’s first official game is Thursday, March 21 at home versus Clinton and starts at 6:30.  Make sure to get out there and support your Wildcat players!