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Winter Weather gifts Students with Snow Days

As of February 14, Harrisonville School District has missed eight days of school this school year.

According to an email sent by Superintendent Paul Mensching, the last day of school is currently scheduled to be May 30 and will be a half day for students.

The email also explains how days missed due to inclement weather will be made up. The email states, “The state passed legislation several years ago that requires schools to make up every day missed due to inclement weather until you miss the seventh day. At that point, one day must be made up for every two days missed until 14 days are missed. After the 14th day missed, no more days are required to be made up.  That’s a possibility of 10 inclement weather make-up days.”

Students at Harrisonville High School have varying opinions on the school days that were missed and the schedule to make these days up.

‘We could have gone to school at least two or three more days when they canceled school.” said Sophomore Hattie Wilson. “Because it wasn’t that bad out.”

However, Freshman Piper Foreman is okay with the days missed. “I’d rather have the smaller snow breaks and a really long summer,” Foreman said.

Students also have different views on how the missed days should be made up and prevented. Foreman suggested that instead of having snow days, late starts should be used in some situations.

“I went to East Lynne so we had a four day school week,” said Wilson. “We should do that and then Mondays could be makeup days.”

At least for this year, snow days will be made up after EOC testing. This means that students will be missing school before testing but will only be making up the missed days after testing is over.

“It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense,” said Foreman.
But, Freshman Makiah Clark is mostly just apprehensive about testing after missing days. “I do feel nervous about that because I feel like I’m not going to do well.”