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Wildcat Carnival

On Friday 15th the first Wildcat Carnival will be hosted at the Harrisonville High school in the MPR. After the boy’s basketball game at 9 o’clock students and end at 11. Parents will have the choice to go to the carnival or to go home.

Rebecca Bartlett a senior at HHS says “The Carnival was sadly cancelled from the weather. I prepared for everything and I was in the hospital so it was hard for me to plan it all.”

“It will be $3 to get in. There is going to be 10 games including eating races, tricycle races, and Chicken races. There will be decorations going all the way down the hallway to the commons. There will be Cotton candy, Hot dogs, Hamburgers, etc;”

Bartlett planned it all and then it was canceled. The weather for Friday, February 15, 2019, was going to be bad ice and snow. We are supposedly supposed to be 1-12 inches. YIKES! Most likely the basketball games will be canceled and I’m predicting no school on Monday.

HHS and Rebecca Bartlett are working on setting a new date and rescheduling for another Carnival. They will have the same activities and be very very exciting! See you there.