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Love is in the Air!

For many years, Valentine’s Day has been celebrated by friends, family, and couples around the globe. While some may see the day as a clever marketing tactic created by the greeting card industry, others see it as a day filled with red roses and romance.

At Harrisonville High, in years past Valentine’s Day has been celebrated with flower deliveries during the school day. Sherry Roe, a secretary at HHS, recalls the atmosphere of the school on the holiday.

“It was kind of a revolving door with the floral center places bringing stuff such as balloons, flowers, candy, teddy bears. Parents would bring in stuff sometimes,” Roe said.

To celebrate the holiday, Freshman Tawnee Robertson and Sophomore Tony Strunk celebrated together yesterday evening.

“He is getting me presents and I got him something too. We went on an earlier Valentines dinner last night,” Robertson said.

While some are excited to celebrate the day with gifts, Freshman Isaiah Bliss is not planning on doing much to celebrate.

“I do not have a sweetheart… at the moment. I’ll probably just spend Valentine’s day alone in my bedroom watching ‘Friends’, seeing other happy relationships go out on dates,” Bliss said.

Even though Valentine’s Day is today, some people such as Senior Samantha Cummins get more excited for the day after.

“I’m waiting for the day after Valentine’s so I can buy the half-price chocolates!” said Cummins.

Whether or not Valentine’s Day is an excuse to buy candy or receive flowers from your special someone, the main reason to celebrate is love. Roe believes that love should be shown year round.

“I think it’s just a created holiday for money making purposes. I think you can show love any time of the year,” said Roe.