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What are the common colleges to attend?

Are you getting ready to go to College after you graduate High School? Or maybe you are a junior and want to get a head start on your future. Well, you have come to the right place? There are different ways to talk about this topic. The colleges with the most people in them are University of Missouri, Missouri State University, and University of central Missouri. People already know that you can just look it up. What I mean is what are the most COMMON colleges in the Missouri area that high school students attend.

Harrisonville High Schools’ College Advisor Mrs. Kates has volunteered to answer a few questions about What are the most common Colleges High School students attend. “Most Students at Harrisonville High School that are going to College attend the University of Central Missouri (MCU).” MCU`s acceptance rate is at 79% and the graduation rate is at 53%.

The Beef between KU and MU is very big and Harrisonville is in between both of them. So which college is it? “I have sent 1 student to KU and more than 5 students to MU so I think MU is a better College since there are a lot more majors,” (Samantha Kates).

That about sums it up as The Best colleges to attend if you live in the Missouri Area. UCM is where most students go to get an education. MU and KU are still ongoing on who is a better college. Last year MU had 8609 more students that graduated. So you can decide, where do you wanna go?