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Giving back through music

When it comes the serving the community, members of Harrisonville High School’s band program jump at the opportunity.  For years the Jazz Band has performed at various venues including dinner concerts, benefit concerts, auctions, and more. On the evening of Friday, Jan. 18, the band set up in local Mill Walk mall to play for the people passing through.

“It felt good to serve the community in this way,” said Bradley Cox, junior.  “ I love being able to spread awareness of our commitment to both music and the people.”

In addition to serving the community, performing also allows the citizens of Harrisonville to learn about the students who participate in the band program. It also allows some community members to relive their high school days.  

“The community is all ages including some who were in band when they were in high school and younger kids who plan to be in band when they get to high school,” said Senior Jill Bachman.  “Almost everyone is able to connect through the event and it brings the community closer to support the hardworking students themselves.”

At the head of the event is the band’s director Ben Johnson.  Johnson has been the director for the past three years and he enjoys being able to participate in activities such as this.

“We do a couple performances a year for the community,” Johnson said.  “It is important to give back to the community when possible because they are the ones who support us and our program.”