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Girls Swim Team Update

The harrisonville girls swim team are working very hard to achieve their goals at their meets.Much hard work is done with practicing and this process of practice is extremely time consuming for the girls.

Their goals as a team…

The young women would like to gain their best times and push themselves to achieve this goal! The girls are doing considerably great they have had state qualifications in a few events.This really shows the hard work is paying off and for more great opportunities to come.Swimming could definitely be accredited in their future with many things as well such as job opportunities,future health,and school things. Altogether they see to be enjoying swim,working hard and being the best they can be.

What do the girls want to accomplish this swim season?

Briana Chiodini said “ We plan to improve all our times and just become closer as a team”

Makiah Clark claims”As a team we are trying to be the fastest we can by practicing hard everyday. And we’re working towards dropping enough time to make it into state!

Macie Collings”I would love to win”

Grace Kirkemo said ”I would like to improve my times and get to state.”

How many years have the girls swam individually?

Kirkemo has swam a number of 9 years.Clark has been swimming for around 6 to 7 years now. Collings said 6 years of swimming.All 3 of these young athletes have been swimming close to the same average of years. On the other hand captain of the swim team,Chiodini says she has swam since she was only 5 years old! That’s approximately 14 years!

What are the young women’s preferred swim stroke?

Chiodinis and Kirkemos favorite is “Freestyle” simply because you can choose.

Clarks preferred stroke is “The breaststroke”

Collings said her favorite swim stroke is “The backstroke”

All 4 of the young swimmers agreed that their least favored stroke would have to be the “Butterfly”.