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Study Center vs Flex Time

For one week now some freshman have been enjoying their new-found freedom during 4th hour. Some are delighted to have this opportunity to be in flex, but others aren’t so happy with their new placement.

What are the students favorite things about Study Center along with Flex???

To have the opportunity  of flex you need a 3.5 GPA or higher.This means not all freshman are able to enjoy flex instead they are put in study center classroom.Study Center has its positives,but the students enjoying flex are defiantly by all means enjoying it.

Freshman Cierra Spotz said “My favorite thing about study center would have to be being able to work on homework or drawing when I don’t have assignments due.”

Morgan Evans, freshman, stated ”My favorite thing about flex is the freedom we get.”

Presley Zaring shared that her favorite part about flex was”Getting to do whatever you want,and hanging with my friends.”

How many students prefer Flex?

Overall every student interviewed prefered flex.Most acredit there friends in Flex saying things like “I heard that…” or “It sounds…” but the Study Center students without ever being in Flex believe it’s all fun.Yes,there are more opportunities but more distractions so if someone you know or yourself gets distracted easily Flex just isn’t for you.Then again others work better with a group or partner which is simply almost impossible because Study Center teachers suspect your off task.

The Pros and Cons of Flex

Let’s start off with the pros!

  • Students can study or chill out on their own time.
  • Students can eat on their own time.
  • Students aren’t required to sit in one classroom the whole three periods of Flex.
  • Students can listen to music
  • Students are able to choose were they want to work so they feel comfortable.

Now let’s talk about the Cons

  • Friends might not be in Flex
  • There is not as much motivation to get work done in Flex.
  • Many distractions in Flex.

The Opportunities and Obstacles of Study Center.

The opportunities!

  • More motivation for students because they want flex.
  • Classes are smaller so there is more one on one working.
  • Homework gets done.

The obstacles…

  • Students can’t listen to music.
  • Lots of enforcing to get work done.
  • Teachers take talking the wrong way.
  • Teachers are harder to reach on the Flex side of the building
  • Students always get criticized as if  they are not doing work or trying their best.
  • Students don’t get flexible seating opposed to flex.