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Power outage preporation

Power outages happen to everyone; however, some people are more prepared than others. Are you prepared? Most power outages only last a day or two, but going a night without heat in the winter or air conditioning in the summer can be torture. Your food goes bad because your refrigerator doesn’t have power. You can´t shower because of no hot water.

Kyln Thomas, freshman, said his family is prepared for when his power is out. He shared his approach.

¨ First don’t freak out, find a flashlight and turn on the generator,¨ he said.

Thomasś family has three generators to use when their power goes out.

For some families, power outages force them to spend time together. Not for Thomasś family. He said, ¨Power outages turn us against each other.¨

Beth Keith, the theater teacher at HHS, said her power was out for several days after the recent snow storm. Her family spent the time in a variety of ways.

¨We mostly play on our phones,¨ she said. But they also spent time together. ¨We all get in bed to watch a movie on the portable DVD player.¨

Keith said they do have a generator that they use to alternately power the refrigerator, freezer, and furnace, but they go old-school for light.

¨We use candles.  We have like three in every room,¨ she said.

A power outage can´t be avoided, but you can prepare for it. Buy flashlights or candles for light, keep a portable charger for your phone and consider a generator to keep your fridge cold so your food doesn’t go bad.