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Juniors Fears of Becoming Seniors

As juniors are coming to the end of their 3rd year and getting close to the beginning of their senior and many are fearing senior.

Junior Ashley Hetherington said, “I have a fear of everything changing too fast or it all being over too soon.”

Junior Grady Gilvin said, “I have a fear of once we graduate, we will lose contact with our friends.”

There are some juniors aren’t fearing becoming senior.

Junior Hayden Ream said, “I don’t really any fear of becoming a senior, just treat it like any other year.”

Some student have a pressure to the start of becoming an adult.

Hetherington said, “Yes, because i know I’m gonna have to do bills and lot of other things I’m not ready for.”

Gilvin said, “Yes, because now it’s my turn to be responsible for everything and not just somethings.”

Ream said, “Somewhat, because I know I am gonna have to pay bills and I don’t looking at me for guidance.”

A lot of students know what they want to do after high school.

“I am going to Longview to get my mandatory classes out of the way using my A+ tuition and then going to transfer to another college to study Animal Sciences”, said Grady.

“Yes, I will be going to Avila University to proceed with my carrier in becoming a history professor”, said Hayden.

And a few students know but they don’t at the same.

“I kinda want to be a vet kinda want to be a historian so no”, said Ashley.

Dealing with stress isn’t always easy, but there ways to deal with them.

“I am stressed all the time but I keep my cool and figure a way around it”, said Gilvin.

“One way I deal with my stress, I take it on the turf or on the grass. Or take it out on my sports activities”, said Ream.

And some students don’t deal with stress like others.

“I’m not I’m still really stressed”, said Hetherington.