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Varsity Track Invitational at Smithville

The Harrisonville varsity track team had an Invitational at Smithville High School on Thursday, March 29.

Nicole Phelps, Senior, is involved in the open 100, 4×100, and the 4×200 relay. She has been involved in these events since seventh grade.

It took a lot preparation to be ready to compete at Smithville.

“It helps to have a coach that pushes you and to have a workout that’s intense which helps us to prepare for meets,” said Phelps.

Karsen Cesonis, Senior, participates in the 300 meter hurdles and triple jump. Cesonis said that to get ready for the meet, he worked with his teammates Connor Blentlinger and Lucas Filer.

Phelps and Cesonis both were looking forward to the Invitational.

“Since it was the first time I started off this year, it was a lot of pressure because I don’t want to let my team down, but I felt confident because we have a good relay team,” said Phelps.

“I’m fairly confident in my abilities but only expecting to do my best,” said Cesonis.

Both seniors did well: Phelps placed sixth place in the 4×100, and Cesonis took fourth in the 300 meter hurdles.

There were accomplishment that came out for the seniors and the team.

“I feel like it was an accomplishment because there were a lot of big schools there, and it was impressive that we placed that high,” said Phelps.

“For myself, I had a decent time in hurdles for my first meet of the year and as a team we competed well in our events,” said Cesonis.