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The Teacher’s Pet

Most students have their favorite teachers. Just like most teachers have their favorite students. And what are these students called? Teachers pets. Some teachers may deny the fact that they have a favorite student(s), but almost every student knows the hard, cold truth. Teachers pets do exist, and most will claim that they are the most annoying types of students. Not only because they suck up so much it makes a person cringe, but also because some teachers play along.  

“Teachers definitely have their favorite student(s),” Sophomore Zack Brock Said, “I just wish that the students will tone it down a little, so it isn’t so obvious that they are the teachers pet.”

Now some teachers are worth pampering and spoiling with compliments and love, but there are some teachers who do not deserve that. Leave it to the teachers pet to do the sucking up to EVERY teacher. Even the teacher everyone hates, but that is their job.

So kudos to the teachers pet in every class. Your hard work is appreciated to keep the teacher happy, but next time try to be less obnoxious and annoying.