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Baseball Season Hit-Off

The 2018 baseball season is being hit – off with a tournament. Harrisonville High School’s baseball team will be competing against Saint Michael’s, Grandview, and many other schools in the Raytown tournament.

Last year’s baseball team won the tournament, and this year’s team holds the same expectations.

Senior Mason Scrivener said, “The teams’ feeling pretty good, I think we’ll do pretty good in the tournament.”

Aside from a few field changes and team members added, the teams’ working on jellying better together.

Joe Bowers, senior, said, “Everybody’s starting to settle in and we’re all just ready to play.”

“I think we could win it again,” Bowers said. “It just depends whether we show up to play the way we can.”

The team won its bracket and will play Grandview on Friday afternoon for the championship.