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Track and Field Preview

Track and Field season is underway and players are given their spots and practicing for this season.

Hannah Kreimeyer, Junior, will be doing the 200 meter relay, and the 4×200 meter relay. This is the second year that she has been doing these events.

There are many reasons why Kreimeyer liked being apart of track.

“I like track because, it keeps me in shape, and I love the idea of being able to race somebody and have the opportunity to win. Also, I love the social aspect of the sport. I like doing the 200 meter really because it’s a short race but you also have time to build up your speed,” said Kreimeyer

Track and field take a lot of preparation and practice.

“This season I am preparing by working hard at practice every day,” said Kreimeyer

“To prepare for our season, we have begun strong workouts in the beginning so we can finish even stronger at the end of the season.  I have a great coaching staff and we are doing our best to put together the best teams possible for the season,” said Coach Brian Bliss.  

It takes a lot of practice to get the spot that you want for a certain event.

“Everything in track and field is based on times and distances.  We will send the top two athletes in each event, guys and girls, to the Varsity meets and we will send as many as we can to the Junior Varsity meets. Our goal is to make sure that every athlete improves through the year, while also having a chance to compete against other athletes from other schools,” Bliss said.

Throughout the season there are going to be certain schools that will be tough competition.

“Some of the tougher schools we will compete against will be Grain Valley and Grandview,” Bliss said.

Coach Bliss has high expectations for everyone on the team.

“We expect all of the athletes to contribute in some way this year, but we will rely on our upperclassmen to provide leadership to the team,” Bliss said.