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The Great Hallways of HHS

High school is very interesting, but what makes it even more interesting are the hallways. No, the hallways aren’t just to get from class to class, but apparently, they are also for PDA, fighting, or blocking peoples way. Just imagine walking down the hallway minding your own business and then BAM you hear what seems to be bodies slamming on lockers. All of the sudden there is a big crowd blocking your way to get to class just so they can see the fight. Annoying right? Well although that necessarily doesn’t happen at Harrisonville High School, it may happen in bigger schools.  

Just like any school Harrisonville High School has its “groups” as some may say. Many groups usually meet during passing period at a certain spot. That’s fine, but some decide to meet right in the middle of the hallway, which is annoying and very inconvenient.

“When people decide to talk right in the middle of the hallway it is very annoying,” Sophomore Amelia Dreyer said. “Like I just want to get to class and I have to get through all these people, the hallway is already slow enough. We don’t need people adding on to that.”

PDA is also a very annoying thing that happens in hallways. Hugging and holding hands is fine, but please don’t slobber all over each other with your teenage hormones right in front of me. Have you ever heard of the saying “go get a room?” yeah people say that for a reason. Seriously though, people just want to go to class and I’m pretty sure they would appreciate getting to class without having to see people stick tongues in each other’s throats. I very much prefer to just see that type of affection on movies and not in real life right in front of me.

“PDA is so gross like no one wakes up and says, ‘I can’t wait to see couples making out and touching each other,’ like no,” Junior Zach Brock said.

At the end of the day, I know people won’t change no matter how much I complain. On another note, what would Harrisonville High School be without the annoying and hormonal people in our hallways? Our school would be boring, so thank you for keeping our school interesting. Stay classy Harrisonville.