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One-Act and Reader’s Theatre Opening Performance

On March 13, the Harrisonville drama club opened their “Readers’ Theatre” piece, The Way It Is, to the public. Along with this was the addition of their One-Act play, The Women of Lockerbie. Both of which tugged at the heartstrings of the audience.

The Readers’ Theatre told how most adults don’t know what their children go through in high school. In fact, it hit some serious topics such as rape, suicide and depression. With little bits of humor added into the otherwise serious tone, the story fit together perfectly. It was neat to see so much personality added into characters that were just words on paper.

The Women Of Lockerbie followed the story of an American mother who’d recently lost her son in a deadly crash. As it progressed it showed the mother dealing with the guilt and grief brought from her son’s tragic death. All the while the other women in Lockerbie, Scotland are fighting against the government to retrieve the clothes of the victims lost in the deadly crash.