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Hot or Cold?

The most common comments about the weather right now is ”It’s too cold, I wish it were warmer out.” As warmer weather arrives more people will complain about how it’s too hot, so would more students rather be hot or cold?

“I would rather be cold because if I was cold then I could get a blanket or put on more clothes. When you’re hot there’s not really much you can do,” Freshman Allison Quinn said.

Many people tend to like colder weather so they can bundle up to stay warm or layer up.

On the flip side many people have argued that warmer weather is better.

“I would much rather be hot because I like the heat and I like being warm, there’s just always more to do when it’s hot outside. For example, you could go to the pool or play sports. The weather is just so much more enjoyable,” Freshman Madalyn Ritter said.

Another student, Madison Ritter, kind of agrees with Madalyn. She (Ritter) said that she’d rather be warm, not hot or cold, because she hates sweating but enjoys the heat. She likes the warmer weather because it gives her more opportunities to ride her horse or go spend a weekend playing softball.

“I would say about 70 degrees with no wind would be the perfect temperature, it’s not too hot and it’s not too cold,” Quinn said. Both of the Ritter’s agreed with Quinn.