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Controversial Walk-Out

The national walk-out has got millions of students and teachers out of their seats. Either to pay respects to the 17 Florida students who lost their lives or take a stand against gun control.

A lot of schools encouraged the walk-out while others banned it. Schools threatened to give suspension or unexcused absences.

“I would have walked out for more of the purpose of honoring the students who died and not for gun control because I don’t want to protest something I do not have full details about,” says Freshman Madeline Mcgee.

According to a CNN article the idea of the walk-out was sparked by EMPOWER, a youth branch of the women’s march.

Alek Baker Junior says, “This will not spark a change because the teachers or administrators can not do anything about gun control,” he says “If it was about the 17 kids that died I would have understood and walked out but, I hate how they politicized a tragedy.”