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Upcoming Boys Golf With Nick McCleave

Golf isn’t your typical go to sport. Most people would say it’s just a rich man’s game, but the Harrisonville High School Boys Golf Team has big plans for this season.

Nick McCleave,senior, believes based on practices, this season is really looking up.

“Based on the practices we’ve had so far this season, I am very confident we will have a very strong varsity squad. We have a lot of our varsity and high JV spots returning that will bring experience to the team,” McCleave said.

He believes that the freshman and new faces will bring a lot of new talent and valuable experience. Nick has been playing golf for about two years and said that once he got started, he couldn’t stop.

“There is just so much to learn in golf that will be valuable even after high school. It is a lifetime sport,” McCleave said.

He said his plans for this season are huge and that he has a lot to work on. His goals for this season is to improve his all around performance.

“I now know what my capabilities are as a golf player in composition so I should be able to compete even better than last season with a good reference,” McCleave added.

The boys practice each day to work on their weaknesses and to improve on their strengths.

It takes a lot of practice on fundamentals and repetition to be a good player which is what they are all striving for this season.

“Our practices are never die hard difficult but I feel like we always put our all into every practice,” McCleave said.