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Contradicting Prom Location

For the past two years, Harrisonville’s prom has been held at Stoney Creek in Independence. However, this year the event will be held in town at the Beck Event Center. Since the prom has never been local before, there are mixed opinions.

“I feel like it kind of kills the ‘dress up and go out party’ vibe,” Senior, Nick Austin said. “You have to drive out of town to eat and then back into town for the dance.”

Since the extent of restaurants in Harrisonville consist of mostly fast food and chain restaurants, those who want a high-quality meal before prom have to drive out of the area to eat. Which that in itself is just a hassle.

With the restaurants to choose from, it may seem odd to go into a McDonalds or Taco Bell in nice outfits such as dresses or suits.

It’s nice sometimes to feel fancy and out of the norm to go and eat a fancy meal at a fancy place,” Senior Cody Jones said.

However, though there are a few cons about eating and the ‘“fanciness”’ of the location, the drive distance can be a major pro in the matter. With less of a trip, it can cause better conditions for students.

“I guess it’s a lot safer, in my opinion,” Austin said.