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Spring Sports and Being Sore

Spring sports are here and it is known as “hell week” as most athletes describe. Most athletes are left with sore bodies.  As the body works to recover it always helps to have some tricks and tips to make it get better quicker.

The first tip would be to stretch, before and after a workout. Since your muscle fibers get shorter while exercising, lengthening them after a workout promotes mobility, thus making your muscles feel not so tight.

If a muscle hurts or you’ve stretched and it still feels tight, foam rolling is another option.

The roller helps with removing those knots in the body that are causing pain. Start rolling at the calves and work your way up focusing on the sore spots. Doing this for a week or so will help the body with the recovery process.

Another way to help sore muscles is believe it or not eating. Personally, I’m not suggesting going  to McDonalds and eating 20 chicken nuggets. The foods that help sore muscles are foods with healthy protein, such as carbs and fats. Doing so will help with repairing and maintaining muscles.

Lastly another tip is to keep moving. Although we all just want to lay or sit all day after a hard workout, it’s best that one keeps moving. Moving will help get rid of  the lactic acid in the muscles, whether it’s just stretching or even walking. You never want to just sit around while being sore.

Although being sore sucks, that only means you are on the road to building up your muscles. Remember to eat healthy and stay active.