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Spring Baseball Preview

February 26 marked the official start of all spring sports. For seniors Joe Bowers and Drew Mulvey, this will be their last season playing for Harrisonville High School. Both senior boys agree that this year’s season will differ from last year due to the loss of the graduates.

“We’re going to be missing a lot of seniors from last year,” Joe Bowers said, “so a lot of people will have to step up and fill big shoes.”

Some of last year’s key graduates –  Brandon Eickhorst, Joe Snooks, Morgan Selemanea – played a big role in last season, and their cont.

“We’re gonna have to play together because we don’t have the talent we had last year. If we work as a team we can make a run,” Bowers continued.

While the season may not be the same with different boys, Drew Mulvey said, “I’m anticipating a lot of new team chemistry last year we were with guys we knew well, but this year we’ll have a lot of new guys.”

Despite the changes, both Bowers and Mulvey have goals for the season. Bowers, along with fellow senior Lane Powers, wants to break the single season home-run record for the team.

Bowers also has a personal goal for the season.

“I never want to be caught giving less than 100 percent,” Bowers said.

On the flip side, Mulvey said his main goal for the season is just to have fun.