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Its Go Time- Show Choir

The show choir has come so far from when they had their first competition at Rock Bridge to their second at Pleasant Hill.

At Rock Bridge they didn’t even make it into finals, but at Pleasant Hill the Music Makers and Forefront both made finals. Music Makers made runner up and Forefront earned 9th out of 23 choirs.

”During competitions there are many different types,” said Junior Joey Fernandez. “Pleasant Hill has a small school in which it is hard to move around. Rockbridge, however, has a larger space for movement around the school. It is a great competition at both places.”

Another singer said she preferred the Pleasant Hill venue.

“I would compare Pleasant Hill’s competition by being significantly better. We all put in our hard work and tried our best and the hard work paid off,” said Senior Sierra Skinner.

When the show choirs didn’t make finals at Rock Bridge, members worked diligently to get where they got at Pleasant Hill.

By the end of the show choir season, both choirs were performing really well. Music Makers and Forefront both made finals in the last two competitions of the season.