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First District Game

Tuesday, Feb. 27, the Harrisonville Wildcats boy’s basketball team starts the district tournament. Districts this year is being held in Pleasant Hill. The team kicks off their post season with a game against Warrensburg.

The players are feeling confident heading into the game.

“We finished our season with three quality wins in a row. It reminds me of how Coach Maxwell would talk about saving our best football for the last game of the season,” said Senior Nick Laughlin.

Now that it is win-or-go-home-time for the Cats, not only every game but every basket matters. Harrisonville is playing well of late, but if they fall back into their slump from the middle of the season, then it is not going to be the end result the Cats hope for.

“We don’t need to play perfect, but we cannot make costly mistakes throughout the game that could cost us down the stretch,” said Senior Kurt Poisal.

The seniors all realize that this tournament could be the end for them, so they need to be extra sharp.

“Losing means that I will never play basketball again. I’m not ready to be done and I believe that we are playing well enough right now to make a run,” said Senior Jackson Crowley.

Tip off is at 9 o’clock at Pleasant Hill High School.