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Flirting in highschool

Valentine’s Day is all about love,excitement, and most importantly, flirting. Everybody flirts differently. Some tease, some are confident, and others are just plain awkward.

Devin Vergouven, junior, thinks he knows the way to a girl’s heart.

“I just try to be funny and make them laugh and smile,” Vergouven said.

Sophomore CJ Daugherty has a different approach with flirting – one designed to show he cares.

“I would listen to her and give her attention. I would always have a smile on,” Daugherty said.

Olivia Tribble, freshman, says, “When I try to flirt, I compliment them all the time and try to be nice.”

Being physically attracted to someone is a big part of wanting to get closer to him or her.

Aramis Wyrick, junior, says, “First I look at the face and then go down.”

Vergouven says a person’s appearance is a key factor in his interest.

“How they are dressed,” he said. “If they are dressed nice and classy, it is attractive.”

Girls, however, look more into personality.

“It’s cute when guys joke around with you, and they try everything to have a conversation with you,” Tribble says,

On the other hand of attractiveness when flirting, there are also turn offs. “Hygiene is a big one,” Vergouven says. “Also when people hit me and if they talk about drugs.”

Freshman Camille Ginnings also has a big turn-off.,

“When they are mean!” Ginnings said. “Joking around is fun and fine, but sometimes they are just mean.”