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Boys Wildcats vs. Oak Grove

Friday, Feb. 17, the Harrisonville Wildcats will travel to Oak Grove to take on
the Panthers. The Wildcats have been struggling of late, dropping three out of their
last four, including a loss to the Grain Valley Eagles this past Tuesday.
Absences on the court and on the sideline are hurting the Wildcats. The
burden of missing Junior Isaiah Patrick is being felt in the paint. Isaiah is a solid player; we miss him on both sides of the ball,” said Senior Jackson Crowley.
The word was that Head Coach Todd Mercer would be back to square off against the Eagles on Tuesday, but illness once again got the best of him. It is no secret that the team is pressing to find wins late in the season that continue to elude them. Instead of wearing out his players in practice yesterday, Mercer decided that it would be better to loosen up the team and hold the annual intersquad wiffle ball game. After talking to the team it is clear they all enjoyed the much needed break from a high stress time in the season. “Out of every wiffle ball game we have played through my time at Harrisonville, this one was definitely the best time to do one,” said Senior Kurt Poisal.
Tip off this Friday night will be at seven o’clock at Oak Grove High School.