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GVE vs HW Basketball

On Tuesday, Feb. 13, the Harrisonville Wildcats will travel to Grain Valley to
take on the Eagles. In the matchup earlier this year, the Cats dropped a hard-fought
game to the Eagles by a score of 61-58. That was early in the year, though, and the
Wildcats have come a long ways since then and have picked up their play.
“We almost had them last time, and I think we’ll be ready for them come
Tuesday,” said Senior Nick Laughlin.
Coach Todd Mercer will be returning to the sidelines Tuesday after missing
two games and a full week of practice last week.
“It’ll be good to have him back,” said Senior Ryan Byrd. “Coach Jackson and
Draper did a great job stepping up but Mercer coming back is going to bring us
The team really wants to win this game due to a continued rivalry from
football season.
“They beat us the first time in football season, too, but I think we are going to
bounce back and beat them when it really counts,” said Senior Kurt Poisal.