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The Curious Savage Review

Last week, the Harrisonville Drama Club released a show titled ‘The Curious Savage.’ The performance on opening night left the audience roaring with laughter. Although there were clearly a few improv scenes, a few were carried out in so it was believed they were printed in the script.

Among the actors, a few clearly stood out. These included freshman Brianna “Breezy” Semler, freshman Kimberly Balducci, freshman Noah Collins, freshman Camille Jennings, freshman Alyssa Wilson, and sophomore Garrett Siegenthaler.

Each of these talented young actors seemed to know their way around the stage and to know what to do when lines were skipped over or forgotten. Jennings, playing as Mrs. Savage, had most to all of her lines memorized, which helped keep the play’s flow going.

Collins’s “expert” violin playing added a comedic flare when there seemed to be a slow point in the performance. Balducci seemed to be always excited on stage, when seemed to fit her character perfectly.

Semler’s performance as a grumpy worker was displayed perfectly with the mix of superb facial expressions and body language shown during the periods in which she took the stage.

When a line was skipped or something went wrong, Siebenthaler stepped up and added in different acting or lines that would get the story back on track. Finally, Wilson took a great role and made it greater with her snooty looks and sassy language.

With the exception of a few rough spots and some minor mic problems at the beginning, The Curious Savage was displayed beautifully and was worth a few bucks to go see.