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What are lockers for again?

HHS lockers seem to be used less and less each year. Often times, upperclassmen are the ones who neglect to use them. Underclassmen such as freshmen and sophomores will tend to use them more often.

Jayden Osborn, a sophomore here at HHS said, “Personally I do use my locker to keep coats and jackets in.”
However, locker placements plays a major fact into this.

“I don’t think some students use them because of where they are located in the school,” she said, “maybe if we got to pick where our lockers are in relation to our schedule we might use them more often,” Osborn said.

Junior Leah Overbay, however, does not use her locker.

“I don’t think they are used because everyone uses their backpacks,” she said.

Both girls share common thoughts on the placement of lockers. They both said students would probably use their lockers more if they themselves could choose where they were placed, or if they were placed more conveniently in relation to their schedules.

Overbay and Osborn do disagree on whether the school should keep the lockers.

“I don’t think the school should keep the lockers because students just carry their things in their backpacks and if most students have extra bags they leave them in a teacher’s classroom,” Overbay said.

Osborn disagrees.

“I do not think that the school should get rid of them, but I do think we should get somewhat what of a choice where it is located.”