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Swim Team

The High School Swim Team is always full of girls ready to learn and swim, but the coaching and coaches tend to change, season to season.

“The coaching this year at Harrisonville is different from any other of my high school years. Both of the coaches this year love to have fun but still get things done,” said Hailey Holden, junior swimmer for HHS.

The coaching here at HHS has varied over the years, especially for the swim team. Each season brings a new coach who has different qualities and different coaching styles.

“The coaches are Dana Johnson, the aquatics director at the Community Center, and Debbie Brandenburgh, the PE and weights coach at the high school,” Holden said.

While one of the coaches has more experience than the other, they both bring different qualities to the team and that makes them both equally important to the girls on the team.  


“Practices are 1 and a half to 2 hours long every day after school, and each practice is different. Each day consists of focusing on a different aspect of your swimming and usually focuses on what you in particular need to focus on. Most days we are in the water, but there are some fun days where we do drylands (workouts on land) to get us in even better shape,” Holden said.

Swim team is a very mentally and physically demanding sport.


“I put in a lot of effort to swim team because it is a sport I have been involved in my whole life. I can’t imagine not trying my hardest because one off week of practices may cost you in a meet,” Holden said.