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Flu Epidemic

The flu epidemic across the United States is making many students too sick to come to school. More and more kids are getting ill as each day passes, lowering daily attendance at schools.

According to the Kansas City Star, Missouri had the highest percentage of people showing flu-like symptoms such as fevers, coughs, sore throats, and chills prior to this year.

At Harrisonville High School, the attendance has dropped from an average of 90 percent to 86 percent, according to Linda Hipp, the school nurse.

There are many ways to raise attendance. “I would recommend washing your hands throughout the day, staying away from others who are ill, and to not drink after people,” Hipp said.

During this year’s flu season, there have been 66 to 60 students per day coming to her for their flu-like symptoms.

“On a boring day, we see 20,” she added.

Martin Miller, a student at Harrisonville High School, has recently gotten over the flu. He was absent for three school days.

He described his symptoms as having coughing fits, sneezing, vomiting, dry throat, and a high temperature.

“I get sick quite often, but usually not that bad,” Miller said.“It was the second worst illness I had in a decade,” he added. He helped get over his illness by avoiding bright screens, swallowing cough drops, and eating healthier.