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Wildcats vs Oak Park

On Tuesday, Jan. 30, the Harrisonville Wildcats Boys Basketball team took on the Oak Grove Panthers. The expectations of the Panthers were high going into the game Tuesday, but the Wildcats prevailed with a final score of 68-66.

The Wildcats battled through the first three quarters of a tight contest but found themselves on the wrong side of a nine-point lead. That deficit was very quickly cut in half when Senior Jackson Crowley executed a four-point play to perfection.

“It felt good to be the one to get our team back in the game like that,” Crowley said.

After a few back-and-fourth minutes, Harrisonville pulled away with a lead and sustained it all the way to the end.

Although the Cats were plagued by injuries and illness – the team was missing two starters, Nick Laughlin and Isaiah Patrick – they came away with the win. Led in scoring by Senior, Ryan Byrd, Byrd put up 33 points, which moves him to 1018 career points.

“Reaching 1,000 career points is something I could have never dreamed of. It just shows what hard work and faith in God can do for you,” Byrd said.

Harrisonville plays the Pleasant Hill Roosters Friday night. In addition to the game being this year’s winter homecoming, the Wildcats have chosen this rivalry to be senior night.

“After sitting out Tuesday night, I’ll be ready to go Friday. I’ve been looking forward to playing P-Hill all year,” Senior Nick Laughlin said.