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LWC Invintational at Clinton

The Harrisonville Lady Wildcats completed in an Invitational last week at Clinton High School. They played on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, Jan. 22-27.

On Monday, the Lady Wildcats won a close game against Adrian with the final score of 64-61 at Clinton.

Senior Anna Saffels, who plays guard, noted several highlights of the game.

“Bailey Kliewer had 25 points and Brecken Moreland was right behind her with 17 points. We made 10 threes and shot 40 percent from the field and 88 percent from the free throw line. We kept the game up tempo, which plays right into our style, and we shot really well, so it was fast, high-scoring game,” Saffels said.

Overall, Saffels said she was pleased with the team’s performance.

“We put up 64 points, which we could never complain about, but we should never give up more than 40 points, let alone give up 61. Our defense is to blame but if we keep working and playing hard, I see that problem going away very soon,” she said.

On Wednesday,  the Wildcats lost against Odessa with the final score of 34-57.

In the final game of the Invitational, the girls fell short to against Nevada on Saturday. The game’s final score was 28-64.