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Q&A with Bethany Cox and Mason Scrivener

We talked to two of the candidates for Court Warming and asked them some
questions to get to know them a little bit better. Here are their answers:
Q1: If your favorite noodle came to life and had something to say, what do
you think it would say?

Bethany: Stop eating me
Mason: Don’t eat me

Q2: You’re a criminal mastermind- what do you leave at the scene of the
crime as your calling card?

Bethany: A bottle of water
Mason: My initials

Q3: You wake up and find out that everything you touch turns into cotton
candy. What do you do?

Bethany: I would eat and probably go into a food coma
Mason: Go work for a circus

Q4: What’s your best memory from high school?
Bethany: Playing Just Dance with my friends

Mason: When I became a part of the laser show

Q5: What would you like to do in the future?

Bethany: I want to go to a bunch of places and talk about Jesus
Mason: Go to college

Q6: What are some things on your bucket list you’d like to accomplish?

Bethany: I want to be in a UFC fight
Mason: I want to travel and go sky diving