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Harrisonville lady Wildcats vs. Holden Recap

The Harrisonville Lady Wildcats dominated Holden throughout the home basketball game on Tuesday, Jan. 9,  finishing with a score of 51 to 39.

“It was really good to beat them because they are 11-1” said Mandi Bundt, a junior who plays center. “Any time you beat a team with that record, it’s a good feeling.

“A highlight of the game is that we kept them under 40 and didn’t freak out under pressure,” Bundt said.

Coach Shawn Gibbs said he was pleased with the outcome of the game, but here was still room for improvement.

“We just need to keep working on being consistent for 32 minutes. We will put together good stretches, but then we get away from what we want to be as a team. Holden was 11-1 coming into the game so you also have to give them credit.” “They are a good team,” he said.  

“We put a lot of emphasis on rebounding, defending, and taking care of the ball,” Gibbs  said. “At times we struggled in all of those areas and we must get better.”

The Lady Wildcats next game will be against Clinton on Tuesday, Jan. 16 at Clinton High School at 7 p.m.