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Harrisonville Lady Wildcats vs Clinton Recap

The Harrisonville Lady Wildcats fell short to the Clinton Cardinals on Tuesday, Jan. 16, with the final score of 37-44 at Clinton High School.

“We did a pretty good job shutting down Mia Mills (one of Clinton’s star players). The team was hitting some good shots and there were several good drives by people,” said Bailey Kliewer, a junior.

Kliewer said that during the game, there were things that the Lady Wildcats could have done to improve the final score.

“We turned the ball over way too much and had a lot of team fouls which resulted them getting into the double bonus,” Kliewer said.

Senior Hannah Gibbs was looking forward to the game.

“I was nervous and excited to play Clinton again, after beating them by two in last year’s district game,” said Hannah Gibbs, who plays guard.

Gibbs said she there were a couple of areas for possible improvement.

“We can always play better defense, and there are definitely more rebounds we could be getting,” said Gibbs.

I asked Hannah Gibbs and Brecken Moreland who play point guard how they felt about the season so far.

“This season has been stressful because we feel like we could be doing better than we have. We just need to reach our potential,” Gibbs said.

“The season has been pretty good so far, I believe that there is still work to be for the postseason but as of right now we are 8-7 so we are going in the correct direction,” said Moreland.

The Lady Wildcats have an Invitational coming up on Jan. 22, 24 and 27 at Clinton High School.