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History Teacher Uproar

When it comes to teachers, there are some who are your favorite and some that are not. If you get stuck with an unpleasant teacher, it isn’t too fun. However, when you get an awesome teacher like Harrisonville history teacher Eric DeVenney, they become your absolute favorite.

   An accident happened before Christmas break 2017 at Harrisonville High School that lead to the government teacher, Andrew Rives “ suspended “ thus causing an inconvenient shift of classes.

Mr. DeVenney’s 5th hour world history class was also a victim of the news. As the students heard the news the classroom filled with shocked faces and teared up students. Of course, there were other history classes that shifted but I want to focus on a teacher that has really made an impact on his students to get this type of reaction.

“I’m not too happy that I lost my teacher because it felt like I was really learning in there,“ sophomore Caitlyn Costner said, “ Not that I will fail without him but I got used to his teaching ways and it’s hard adapting to another teacher. “   

Adapting to a new teacher can sometimes be hard, but some classes just got left with absolutely no teacher. So what will this mean for HHS in the future? Who knows but like our ancestors once said: “ it’s a great day to be a wildcat “ even on the toughest days.