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Meet Coach Lockett

Coach Gideon Lockett is the new ISS teacher. He has been working with the Harrisonville football team for five seasons. He joined the staff at the high school in January as not only the ISS teacher but also a weights coach. He also serves as a sub when needed.

So far, Lockett has enjoyed his new position.

“I feel that Harrisonville is very welcoming to students and has a variety of students of different ethnicities and backgrounds,” Lockett said. “There are many student athletes and many students that care about their academics. It’s pretty diverse. I do feel that the teachers try and most of the student care, but I do feel there is a lack of school pride”

Students who have had Lockett as a coach said they think it is a great opportunity for him. “He’s like a father figure – a mean, yelling father figure – but he cares deeply about all of his players and students,” said Senior Jasper Davis.

Since most students don’t know Lockett, here are some interesting information about the newest teacher at HHS.

  1. He grew up in Houston, Texas.
  2. He moved to Missouri to play football at Missouri Valley College in Marshall, Missouri.
  3. He used to work at the Harrisonville Community Center as a fitness coordinator.
  4. He coaches track, as well as football, here at the high school.
  5. He is working on a teacher certification to be a science teacher.
  6. He is married to Faith and has been for 1 1/2 years.
  7. He has one kid – a son, age 1, named Isaac.
  8. One fun fact about him is, “I did not do desert for my wedding. Instead, we did a candy bar that had different kinds of candy and gummies.”
  9. He enjoys watching all of his athletes perform in their different sports.
  10. He has one older sister.

Gideon Lockett

  1. Background?

Grew up in houston texas

Married one kid

Came to missouri to play football at missouri valley college

After graduated came here

Started coaching football

Work at the community center as fitness coordinator

Now i’m here teacher full time

  1. How long have you been working with harrisonville football?

Five seasons

  1. What did you do before?


  1. What are you job responsibilities here?

Iss compases monitoring the ones in trouble making sure they do their work serve as sub on a needed basis  has cadet student serve as a mentor coaching football and track

  1. What are your impressions after being here for a couple of weeks?

I feel that harrisonville is very welcoming to students ethnicity and background variety of students athletics academics it’s pretty diverse i do feel that the teachers try and most of the student care but there is a lack of school pride

  1. Are you pursuing a career in education or considering it?

Yes i am i am working on completing a course on teaching certification now the plan is to be certified in science

  1. What’s something fun you would like students to know about you?

I do not desert for my  wedding we did a candy bar instead of a cake gummy bears and candy


  1. What do you think about coach lockett being here now to teach?

I think it’s a great opportunity for him and i get to hang out with him at school

  1. What is coach like on and off the field?

He’s like a father figure – a mean, yelling father figure – but he cares deeply about all of his players and students

  1. Do you think he will do okay in the iss and weight rooms?

Yeah i think he will do fine

  1. What does coach locket do for the football team?

He coaches the defensive backs and teaches them ways to do better things