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Its Go-Time Show Choir

Harrisonville Show Choir kicked off its competition season at Rock bridge High School in Columbia, Missouri, on Saturday, Jan. 20, 2018. Choir members were enthusiastic about performing their show.

We definitely want to set the bar high,” said Senior Nick Austin. “I’d say we are very ready for our competition season; we’ve been working very hard since August, so this season looks very promising.”  

Austin not only goes to competitions to compete, but he also likes spending time with friends and family. He likes spending time having fun singing and dancing on stage.

“I enjoy singing and dancing a lot, but I also enjoy the relationships I build with everyone in the choir every,” Austin said. “I wouldn’t change it for anything. Show choir has given me so many memories and has been an amazing experience from the start to finish.”

Some other show choir students were feeling the same way as Nick. They were excited but very anxious.

“I feel like we will do well, but once we get used to it, we will do a lot more than well on the rest,” said Senior Sloan Bell. “I love the atmosphere; we can always have a great time. I love being around all the guys for competition.”

Although Music Makers did not make the cut for finals, they did place third in their division.