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HHS teacher escorted out of classroom

On Monday, Dec. 11, during second hour history teacher Andrew Rives was escorted out of his classroom.  He never returned. Not before Christmas, and not after.

Then, after break, many students were assigned to new classes with different teachers. Students were given no explanation about any of the changes.

Shane Blackburn, junior, said he feels it’s not fair that students from his class have not been given an explanation on why he’s gone.

“We should deserve to know why he’s gone,” Blackburn said.

Senior Kevin Poindexter, however, feels differently.

“I guess some stuff like that should be classified,” he said, referring to personnel matters.

Blackburn said he also felt administrators had handled the situation badly.

“They could have at least waited until he was no longer with his class,” he said.

Poindexter agreed, saying that he thought it would have been better to escort Rives out during his plan so it wouldn’t be in front of students.

On Jan. 9, parents of students whose schedules changed were sent an email. The email simply notified parents that there had been adjustments to their child’s schedule.