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Destiny Online Catalog: What is it?

When you hear the word “destiny,” you probably don’t think of an online library catalog. It’s most likely more along the lines of what your fate is. However, here at HHS, the word destiny has a whole other meaning.

Jeannie Wearing, our school’s librarian says, “Destiny is an online catalog that is basically a book GPS for kids to locate all the resources we have.”

On the school’s homepage, if you click on the “library” link and select “Harrisonville High School” there are two tabs named catalog and home. This is the Destiny Catalog. You can find anything from novels and audiobooks, to resource books, and even articles from the web.

On the Catalog tab you can search books and media by title, author, subject, keyword or series. If you can’t find a book because it is already checked out, you can put it on hold and be able to pick it up when it is checked back in.

The Home tab has a list of online resources you can use for all your research projects and papers, and even to prepare you for the ACT. The resources you should use depend on what type of research you are doing.

If you are writing an argumentative essay you should use the Issues and Controversies link. When doing a project for social studies, use Student Resource in Context. If it is something for science either of the EBSCO links are recommended. Projects for foreign language should use the Gale Virtual Reference Library.