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Girls Soccer Team: Young But Tough

The girls soccer team has a current record of 4-2, and will compete in the Smithville Tournament this weekend.

Although the season is just underway, Head Coach Dan Coleman has already seen good things.

“Our fitness level is strong and we’re going to keep that up throughout the season,” Coleman said. “Of course we’re going to want to stay healthy and injury free as well.”

While the field formation is set, there are still several unanswered questions. Nonetheless, girls playing in new and unfamiliar positions are accepting the role and excelling, according to Coleman.

Senior starting varsity goalkeeper Baylee Streit has high expectations for the season.

“We have the opportunity to do really well,” said Streit. “With a lot of young players to fill holes left from last year and a strong group of seniors, we have a good chance to take districts.”

Coming into this season, Coleman said the girls have a good attitude. As a senior leader, Streit has seen the same thing.

“This team is very unique from previous years,” she said. “There are 20 freshmen–who are a lot of fun to be around–and the team dynamic is united, fun, happy, and we get along very well.”

The toughest challenge for the girls to overcome this season is filling holes and finding the right girls for the right spots.

Streit said, “You’re never going to have an all-around stacked team in high school, but the upperclassmen are taking underclassmen, guiding them, and helping them to achieve their full potential.”

When asked to describe the charisma of the team, Coleman used the word tough, or toughness.

“We’re not tough 100 percent of the time, but it is there; it comes in flashes. We keep tight games with quality opponents and dig out good results. We’re going to focus on being tough throughout the remainder of the season and do some amazing things.”