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“The Odd Couple” Overview

Harrisonville High School’s next play is a modern rendition of Neil Simon’s The Odd Couple.

Set in a New York apartment building, The Odd Couple features two completely mismatched men who become roommates and having to learn to live with each other. Oscar Madison (played by junior Cody Jones), the slovenly sportswriter, and Felix Ungar (played by sophomore Peyton Holden), the neatfreak newswriter, are thrown together after Felix gets kicked out of his house by his wife and has nowhere else to go.

Countless hours of practice and preparation are put into each production HHS puts on.

“Practice is normally every day after school. Then once it’s closer to show time, it’s 3-midnight,” Jones said. “Right now it’s three times a week to 5:30.”

This cast is unique as it only consists of eight students.

“Each character is a strong character that complements the others. The two main guys will stand out, but everyone has such strong roles; they’ll all be good,” said play director and teacher AnnettaMarie Snowden.

Snowden believes an audience of all ages will really enjoy The Odd Couple due to the numerous renditions that have been produced throughout it’s 52 years.

“It’s going to be very well received. It’s gone out seven times between 1965-2017 as a play, tv show, or a movie. Everyone will like it,” Snowden said.

HHS is doing two different versions of the play to show every other day of its premier. They’re doing the traditional men’s version and the alternate women’s version, The Female Odd Couple, that was adapted as a play in 1985 and is identical to The Odd Couple except the two male stars are female. Freshman Skylar Lite stars as Olive Madison and senior Sarah Bartlett stars as Florence Ungar.

You can watch The Odd Couple from April 5-8 with the potential to add another showing on April 9.