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Q & A with Prom King Candidates

Connor Adams, James Chiles, Dalton Hayden, Keller Hayes, Ellis Liles, and Shelby Wiseman are this year’s prom king candidates.


Q1: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Connor Adams:”Living that welding dream.”

James Chiles: “Hopefully I’ll have a family of my own.”

Dalton Hayden: “I’ll be teaching percussion at a high school, married to my best friend Megan, with a baby on the way.”

Keller Hayes: “I’ll be living on an island right outside of Japan.”

Ellis Liles: “Hopefully I will be on a boat in the middle of the ocean working with a nuclear reactor.”

Shelby Wiseman:” I’d like to be still living in Missouri or already moved to Texas. Hopefully by that time I have at least one kid. I would love to be established in my accounting career.”


Q2: If you had one album to listen to the rest of your life what would it by and why?

Connor Adams: “The Eagles’ ‘Complete Greatest Hits’ because there are so many good songs and the Eagles never disappoint.”

James Chiles: “Help by Paparouch because it really speaks to me.”

Dalton Hayden: “Cheetah-licious Christmas by The Cheetah Girls.”

Keller Hayes: “Take Care by Drake because every song is a classic.”

Ellis Liles: “Disturbed Asylum because it amps me up.”

Shelby Wiseman: “Take Care by Drake because it was one of my first and favorite rap albums I’ve ever listened to. I feel like I can relate to most of the songs.”


Q3: Which celebrity would make the worst leader of a country?

Connor Adams: Oprah.

James Chiles: Lady Gaga.

Dalton Hayden: Hillary Clinton

Keller Hayes: Young Thug.

Ellis Liles: Tom Cruise.

Shelby Wiseman: Oprah.


Q4: What was the worst purchase you’ve ever made?

Connor Adams: “Cheap earbuds for a person who bought me a really expensive welding hood. I felt awful.”

James Chiles: “I’m very picky in what I buy so I have not made a purchase I’ve regretted.”

Dalton Hayden: HHS Lunchroom General Tso’s Chicken

Keller Hayes: Call of Duty Infinite Warfare.

Ellis Liles: Long charger that did not work.

Shelby Wiseman: Call of Duty Infinity Warfare Legacy Edition.

Q5: How do you want to be remembered?

Connor Adams: “By something I’ve built, or something I invented, and maybe by how many people I’ve made laugh.”

James Chiles: “As a guy who always made people smile.”

Dalton Hayden: “Knowing everything there is to know ever about drums and fried chicken!!!”

Keller Hayes: “For creating the saying ‘God bless’, because honestly I don’t get enough credit for it.”

Ellis Liles: “Gloriously.”

Shelby Wiseman: “I’d like to be remembered as someone who always did the right thing. And I hope that my friends and family would say that I was very thoughtful and loving to them.”


Q6: If you had to give up one of the five senses, which would you give up?

Connor Adams: Smell.

James Chiles: Taste.

Dalton Hayden: “Smell, because my farts are BAD.”

Keller Hayes: Smell.

Ellis Liles: Smell.

Shelby Wiseman: Smell.


Q7: What is the number one thing on your bucket list?

Connor Adams: Piloting a plane, then skydiving out.

James Chiles: “To jump out of a plane when I’m 90 years old.”

Dalton Hayden: Retirement.

Keller Hayes: Box a kangaroo.

Ellis Liles: Watch all the Tolkien movies in a row without any breaks.

Shelby Wiseman: “I would definitely want to ride a horse or possibly dive off the deep end in the pool.”


Q8: If you could make a new potato chip flavor what would it be?

Connor Adams: “Dog food flavor, so I can give my dog chips and not feel bad.”

James Chiles: Ice Cream and Cake

Dalton Hayden: Teriyaki Stir Fry

Keller Hayes: Burnt Rubber

Ellis Liles: Extra Salty

Shelby Wiseman: Chocolate Ice Cream.


Q9: Who is your celebrity crush?

Connor Adams: “Ryan Reynolds. Have you seen the guy?!”

James Chiles: Emma Stone

Dalton Hayden: None, have you seen my girlfriend?  (Hannah Montana, but don’t tell Megan)

Keller Hayes: Jennifer Aniston

Ellis Liles: Emma Watson

Shelby Wiseman: Rihanna

The prom candidate winner will be announced on Saturday April 1 during prom.